Why You Shouldn’t Be Frustrated at Paying for Car Insurance

Whilst it may very well be mandatory, many people will tell you that they really don’t like paying for car insurance. Whist I may not share this opinion, I do understand where people are coming from, personally I have been driving and paying insurance for over 15 years, and have never needed it, leading many to think that all that money was spent for nothing. In fact, it wasn’t spent on nothing and here is why you should not be frustrated at paying your car insurance, even if you never use it.


Let’s say that you have a car worth $10k in the driveway, and you don’t have insurance and then one day an opportunist decides to steal your car. Naturally you would contact the police and try to find the vehicle, which may or may not be successful. Assuming that they do not have any luck in finding the car, you are not only $10k down, but you now need to go out and find yourself another vehicle, do you have the money to do so?


Accidents can happen at any time and to anyone, in the event of it happening, how much easier is it that you can simply call your car insurers, who will whisk the car away and repair it for you. Not only this, but what do you intend to do whilst it is being repaired? Without car insurance you will need to rely on busses, trains and friends to get you from A to B, with car insurance you can drive around in your courtesy car. What about medical bills in the event of an accident and injury? With car insurance you will be covered, without it you will be footing the bill for your treatment, which could also be very costly if there were more people in the car.

Acts of God

If you don’t have car insurance then what will you do if there is a flood and the car is beyond repair? What about a fire which engulfs your car and cremates your engine? The answer is the same as if your car is stolen, you will have lost money which you invested in the car, and you will need to then go out and spend the same money or more, on the replacement.

Final Thoughts

The issue here is not whether you should get insurance or not, it is after all a legal requirement, the issue is whether or not you should feel frustrated and the answer is a resounding no. You should certainly look to save money on your car insurance, but never avoid it altogether. Bad things happen all of the time and even if you are the smartest, safest and most sensible driver in the world, you could still be involved in an incident whereby having insurance will save you huge amounts of time and hassle.

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