Why Toyotas are the perfect mid-range car to buy on finance

Buying a car, whichever way you choose to do it, is never an easy decision that can just be made on a whim. There are several factors to consider, ranging from which one to get to how exactly you plan to finance it. There are several options open to you these days regarding car ownership, such as PCP, HP or buying outright, as well as leasing options.

What all this means is that getting a car you had previously only dreamed of may not be out of reach. One of the many benefits of these types of finance options are that you always have a well serviced car in good condition, and can change it every few years, so you have less to worry about in terms of it breaking down. You should be aware of speed and mileage restrictions, in order to reduce additional payment.

Many financers offer a 0% finance option, which basically means that you will pay for the total in instalments but not be liable for any changes to the price over the agreed time period. This is a popular option for people wishing to upgrade their wheels but without the finances in place to do so.

Choosing a car for finance options

When thinking about the type of car to opt for using the finance options, it is a good idea to consider two main points: the ‘range’ and its fuel consumption. You may also wish to consider its durability and what kind of resale figure it will attain.

Ideally you want a car that is mid-range. Since the repayments on a top range one are likely to be really high, and you want to make sure that what you’re getting stands the test of time and will still be safely getting you from A to B a few years down the line, plus hold a good resale value.

Toyotas are perfect

Toyotas make great finance cars since they are sturdy, durable, and in the mid-range. Infamous for their high resale prices, Toyotas are reliable American cars that fetch a good market price. In fact Toyota maintain that 80% of their cars made in the last twenty years are still on the road, which means they really stand the test of time. They offer a wide range of cars with integrated features, sleek lines and well oiled engines.

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