What You Need to Know About Van Insurance

When it comes to businesses that require vans to pick up goods or make deliveries, van insurance is a must to both protect your vehicle as well as the services and products you carry. There is no doubt that transporting goods and/or services can be a risky business. You can never be sure that your trip will be smooth and accident-free. When it comes to commercial vans, there are a number of coverages that should be obtained to ensure that your business stays protected. If you are looking for van insurance for your vehicles, make sure that you are not going without any essential protection.

When it comes to van insurance, the following four coverages are the ones that should not be overlooked:

Collision and Comprehensive Insurance

This coverage is meant to protect the vehicle should any damages occur. Collision insurance, as the name implies, covers the vehicle should any damages occur that are the result of hitting another vehicle or inanimate object. On the other hand, comprehensive coverage protects you against other physical damages that are not the result of collisions, such as cracked windshields, as well as theft.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance covers both property damage as well as bodily injury. In the event that you or the van driver are in an accident that is determined to be your fault, this type of coverage will also pay both the property damage and physical damage costs that were inflicted on the other driver as well.

Business Property Insurance

Many businesses that use vans as a means of transportation for their products and services transport highly valuable assets within these vehicles. If this is the case, business property insurance is a must. This type of coverage comes in two forms. The first type is all-risk which covers any event that occurs. The other type, peril, consists of coverage that protects you against situations that you specify when you obtain your insurance. Of course, take into consideration the items that you are transporting. It may be advisable to also insure the products themselves.

Property Damage Insurance for Underinsured/Uninsured Motorists

In the event that you get into an accident with an individual who has minimal or no insurance at all, you will doubtless want to have this type of insurance. This type of property damage coverage will cover any costs that may be required to fix your vehicle.

These four coverages are just the basic types of insurance that should be obtained for the vans you use for your business. You will want to check out the various companies and plans in your area so that you find the best coverage for the lowest rates. Insurance is essential, particularly when it comes to protecting your business and livelihood.

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