What Technology Means for Safe Driving

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Technology has made a lot of break-throughs in recent years and for the most part, all of those advancements have been quite positive.  Pretty much everything anyone could want to do is available at any time if someone has the right devices.  Unfortunately, as with everything, it’s easy to become addicted to such convenience and when people can’t turn away from such obsessions, the repercussions can be rather bad.

The amount of individuals who can’t put down their mobile devices while driving has increased so significantly that most places around the world have implemented laws to keep drivers from distracting themselves while on the road.  Nearly twenty percent of all car accidents across the United States resulting in fatalities are products of people being on their cell phones.  Likewise, the number of those seeking an Auto Defect attorney in cases dealing with texting or cell phone usage while driving has increased quite a bit as well.

Although there are the aforementioned laws in place to try and deter drivers from paying attention to things while driving that aren’t vital to the trip itself, they’re extremely easy to get around and most of them are only classified as secondary offenses.  This means that the drivers needs to be pulled over for something else like speeding or an expired registration before the enforcement officers can actually do anything about their distraction.

And it’s not just cell phones anymore these days.  With the introduction of tablets, smaller laptops, and built-in entertainment systems that are present in some of the newest vehicles, drivers are finding more and more ways to get themselves into deadly accidents by taking their eyes off the road.  People might seem like they aren’t spending that much time on other things, but those few seconds that they’ve got their eyes on anything that isn’t the road, particularly when they’re going at high speeds, puts them and any passengers they may have at grave risk.

In an attempt to counter this, many companies have come out with new ways to help drivers stay safe while driving and keep their eyes straight ahead rather than down on their mobile devices.  For cell phones, there are a ton of apps or other services available that will automatically silence or block all incoming phone calls and texts and although these are typically marketed as sleep aids, they’re especially great for drivers.

For those using their mobile devices for music or audio books, there are a lot of options for voice-activated commands now and some cars are now coming with them already installed.  While it’s arguable that these services are still, at the root of it, distractions, everybody can agree that they’re much better options than having to physically hold something in the palm of one’s hand.

Of course, there are many other ways that drivers can keep their eyes on the road including silencing their phones, putting mobile devices in the backseat, or simply buying a car with the special features removed or deactivated, but those require effort on the part of the drivers and many people don’t think most individuals will adhere to such restrictions.

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