What Cars Do The World’s Best Drivers Drive?

One of the strangest things about motorsports is that we don’t actually see cars that we would drive on the road. We see some of the same manufacturer names, and sometimes the underlying build of a racecar is similar to something that can be purchased. But it’s not as if you can simply stroll into a dealership and buy your favorite Formula 1 model!

Even so, many of us who are enthusiastic about cars look up to professional drivers as the most skilled and knowledgeable auto enthusiasts on the planet. And this begs the question: what do they actually drive on the road?

We don’t always know, but these are a few of the world’s best drivers and some of the vehicles they’re known to possess and use away from the track.

Sebastian Vettel

Vettel was the biggest name in Formula 1 just a few seasons ago, prompting BBC Sport to rank him inside the top-10 of Formula 1’s greatest drivers. He spent the glory days of his career driving for Red Bull before switching to Ferrari, with whom he’s currently trying to regain a spot at the top of the year-end podium.

Vettel’s most famous “real” car these days is courtesy of his team: a Ferrari California T. Despite a top speed around 200 mph and a “turbo” label, it’s actually more of an everyday car, as high-powered Ferraris go, built as a sort of power/luxury hybrid more than a pure sports car. Vettel also possesses a regular Ferrari California, as well as a Ferrari F-430. Somewhat surprisingly, the driver has also been spotted in a Mercedes SL 65 AMG, a sleek high-performance convertible roadster that’s perhaps a little bit more accessible than Vettel’s stash of Ferraris. The surprise comes from the fact that Mercedes is Vettel’s biggest manufacturer rival on the F1 circuit.

Lewis Hamilton

Hamilton has risen to challenge Vettel’s supremacy as the most accomplished active driver, and is certainly on top of the sport of late. He secured his fourth world title with a few races to spare in the 2017 season, and should enter 2018 as the favorite to win his fifth. Hamilton, throughout his run of dominance, has driven for Mercedes – but that hasn’t necessarily dictated his driving away from the circuit.

Hamilton is perhaps best known for a shocking blue McLaren P1. It’s the sort of sports car that looks more like a concept vehicle – unmistakably meant for the rich and famous (and with a price tag over $1 million). Hamilton has also crossed competitive lines and acquired a 2015 LaFerrari, a limited production Ferrari sports car of which there are fewer than 500 models in the world. Hamilton was seen quite frequently in a Pagani Zonda 760 LH before crashing it in 2015, and he’s also known to have a 1966 427 Shelby Cobra – a nice contrast to his prevailing taste for cars that barely look road-legal.

Max Verstappen

Verstappen is a newer name in Formula 1, but he’s making that name count in his early days as a professional. Indeed, last season Verstappen became the youngest driver to win an F1 race, and at just 20 he’s expected to be a future champion.

Verstappen is still coming into his own both as a celebrity and as an incredibly wealthy individual, so he certainly hasn’t built up the collection of a Vettel or Hamilton just yet. However, he may be on his way to doing so. Verstappen recently purchased a Porche – specifically, a $400,000 Porsche 911 GT3 RS. It’s a gorgeous car, and perhaps the easiest of any on this list for ordinary people to aspire to – or at least to obtain a far cheaper version of.

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