Vauxhall Enters the SUV Market With Mokka

After years of providing fleet favourites, the British arm of General Motors is bringing out new models. The first two products of the revamped Vauxhall came out earlier this year. The Ampera is an innovative electric car, based on the US Chevrolet Volt. This vehicle helps with the burgeoning green market. Another product is made for the urban driving experience is the Adam. This car is small-sized entry, with a look and style that compares with other small vehicles produced by Fiat and Mini.

The SUV market is now waiting the Vauxhall model badge. The Mokka, a new baby SUV, is coming to the market. This small-sized sports utility vehicle is created for Europe by GM’s Korean branch. The Mokka isn’t expected to sale as well as the Astra and the Corsa, but will help Vauxhill break in to another fertile market.

Despite the Korean heritage, the Mokka feels a bit more European than other Korean imports. The cabin design is much more comfortable and the trim is more in line with other European styles. There is plenty of room for both passengers and luggage, making a long drive feasible. Despite the two-tone blue-brown of the interior dash, the overall style of the Mokka is well executed and well designed. The standard package comes with a DAB digital radio, a treat that Vauxhall installs in most of the new vehicles.

Despite the fact that SUVs often struggle with small petrol engines, the standard turbocharged 1.4 Litre powering the Mokka is smooth and provides plenty of torque. There are three options for the Mokka engine. The standard that comes with the basic package, the non-turbo 1.6 Litre petrol engine and a diesel engine that clocks in at 1.7 Litres. The Mokka also comes with several chassis tweaks that are specific to the UK.

The Mokka has few natural competitors at the moment. Larger machines are on the road but are marketed towards a different demographic. Other automakers have stopped producing baby Sports Utility Vehicles for various reasons. Though the Mokka has the road all to itself, this won’t last for long. Competition is coming in the form of the EcoSport by Ford. If you interested in buying  a Vauxhall car then you should visit Car Shop Vauxhalls for some great deals.

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