Top tips when saving for a motorhome

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A motorhome holiday is a wonderful alternative for those who love the great outdoors but aren’t keen on camping in tents, using fire for warmth, and cooking. Older couples may even see them as a perfect-sized home once the family has moved out and they have reached their golden years.

Unfortunately, motorhomes don’t come cheap and many will have to consider a financial plan in order to hit the open road road. With a few simple lifestyle changes, prospective motorhome owners could see themselves saving enough cash to ease the financial burden.

Set a savings goal and timeframe

Do your research and calculate how much the motorhome you want is going to cost, including what existing finances can be used, and how much additional cash you are going to need. There is a great range of vehicles available, so a little research at this stage could save you later. Motorhome specialists such as Hi Tech Diesel may be able to provide advice on what vehicle aspects suit your circumstances. Once you know what you want, set a savings goal and a deadline to reach it. Do not waver on the end figure, but adjust your spending habits to meet your savings success as you work through the timeframe.

Set aside a bit from each pay

Establish a second bank account and as each pay comes in, set aside a small amount. Work out how much of each pay you can take out without affecting your regular household budget, transfer it and do not touch it again until you are ready to buy your motorhome.

Establish a small change jar

Keep a sealable jar or, better still, a sealed money box in the house. At the end of each day place whatever small change you have in your pockets, wallet or purse in the container. Once again, do not touch it until you are ready to make a purchase. If you are doing a good job, replace the container each time it fills up.

Shopping list

When you go shopping for groceries or clothing, make a list and stick to it. Unnecessary spending often comes from impulse shopping; and we end up with a situation where you buy things you might want but don’t really need. Ensure you buy only the goods on your list.

Next shopping day rule

Occasionally while shopping, you are going to see something that is not on your list but you feel it is essential to have it. In this situation, channel all your mental strength and wait before purchasing. Note the item for inclusion on your next shopping list. If a week or so later you still feel you need it, buy it. If not, cross it off.

Cut back on the beverages and cigarettes

Our little daily vices such as coffee, alcohol, and cigarettes can place considerable strain on any budget. If you are a four-coffee-a-day person, cut back to three and keep the savings in your jar. Make similar cuts with alcohol and cigarettes. Better still, if you’re a smoker, give up all together.

It is important that the savings you make from each of these lifestyle changes are not put straight into the family budget. Instead, calculate what you have saved each day and deposit it directly into the motorhome bank account. This way, you ensure the cutbacks you have made are contributing directly to your ultimate goal.

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