The New 2014 Vauxhall Corsa Reviewed

2014 Vauxhall Corsa

Vauxhall Corsas have long been one of the most sought after cars for young drivers. This is due to a combination of a decent driving feel, fashionable looks and the finance packages which Vauxhall offer to encourage young people strapped for cash to buy one. While no one could call it sophisticated, the Corsa remains popular amongst the lowest driving age demographic.

This year, Vauxhall look set to release a partially updated Corsa, in a bid to keep up consumer interest while they continue to design a completely new car.

What’s different about it from the old Corsa?

This new Corsa sees a completely new design, updating the look of the Corsa by taking inspiration from their Adam model, kitting it out with a lower badge holding grill, sweeping headlights and a new set of alloy wheels. This change is designed to keep it in fashion and looking modern to compete with the updated Seat Ibiza and Ford Fiesta.

The 2014 Corsa will also come with a new range of engines, in diesel this will take the form of the new 1.6-litre CDTi engine, which produces less than 100g/km in C02 emissions, while the petrol version will be led by a new three-cylinder 1.0-litre turbocharged engine with 113 bhp and equipped with start/stop technology. This petrol engine will also become available for the Adam.

What hasn’t changed?

The new Corsa isn’t completely a redesign however, it is just a revised model and much of it is the same as its predecessors. The similarity can be seen in that it retains the same chassis which Vauxhall have been using for roughly the last 8 years, although the chassis has been updated a little due to the new Corsa being both longer and wider than its predecessor. Additionally Vauxhall hope to achieve better handling and ride experience and so have fitted the car with a new suspension set up.

Inside the cabin, much of the interior parts will be borrowed from the Adam in a money saving bid by Vauxhall, giving the new Corsa an upmarket but unoriginal look to its interior.

How is it going to drive?

In keeping with the tradition of previous Corsas, the new car will no doubt be good to drive. While it has never been as high quality as a Polo or as fun as a Fiesta in its driving feel, the Corsa will continue to offer a decent and rounded experience. The combination of new seats and the updated interior should improve the comfort of this experience.

Used cars from Bristol Street Motors include the Vauxhall Corsa, and prices for this car will no doubt decrease with the introduction of an updated model.

The most interesting thing about the Corsa looks like it will be the engine, a 1.0- turbocharged petrol version has 113 bhp and looks like it will have a lot of character when driving, while it can be predicted from the C02 output the diesel is likely to produce in excess of 70. It will be interesting to see how these engines stack up in comparison to the turbochargers found under the bonnets of the Ford and VW.

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