Sponsored Video: THE MACALLAN & OAKLEY Present THE FLASK

The right flask makes drinking whiskey that much more enjoyable. Adventure- or active-prone individuals need a flask that is durable, sleek, and reliable. “The Flask,” a product of a partnership between The Macallan Single Malt and the sporting and lifestyle group Oakley, gives people an edgy product that suits consumers’ adventurous lifestyle. 

After being put through some intense situations, the outside of the flask was run over and thrown, users found that the whiskey inside was untouched. Any malt whiskey fan is sure to make use of this accessory. This product is durable and made to last. People can take it on hiking or off-roading trips and ensure their drinks are kept safe. The military and industrial design of the flask suits the durability and resilience of the item.

The Flask

The Macallan brand has been built around producing high quality drinks. These drinks are famous for their sherry seasoned oak casks and the natural color of the drink. Anyone who likes high quality whiskey will want a flask that can protect it. This is where the The Macallan Single Malt and Oakley group’s Flask comes in handy. Both groups like to produce high-quality products for the active individual. These brands focus their efforts on individuals who crave endorphin rushes and adventure.

The Flask

Adventure sports are incredibly popular today. The Oakley brand focuses its products on people who like to take risks. This is why they have partnered with the The Macallan Single Malt to produce a flask that is perfect for the active adventure seeker. The design of “The Flask” is made to last. This product is crafted from aerospace-made aluminum, food-grade steel and carbon fibre. The rubberized bottom is designed for non-skid grip. Flasks no longer have to be hidden away. Instead, they can be flashed because they make an important statement. This high-quality product is sure to make a huge splash for whiskey drinkers who want to keep their malt safe.

This post is sponsored by Macallan.

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