Security Gadgets Every Vehicle Needs

Thieves are everywhere, and tend to find an easy payday when it comes to vehicles. Many people trust that the door locks will keep thieves out. A lot of times this will deter a criminal from breaking into your vehicle; however, what happens when you find someone that’s determined to break into your vehicle?

The question then becomes how you can protect your car against thieves?

Security gadgets for vehicles are now becoming available for vehicle owners as a few decades ago only a few vehicle owners had their own security system for their automobiles. Early security systems were not available in the marketplace, but were only specially produced by those with enough money, as though they were doing their own automotive stamping process.

Today, there is a variety of security for vehicles. Some cars allow drivers to contact a centralized call centers, where operators assist them, in a manner similar to how callers to a veterinarian credit card processing center are helped. It’s almost standard for some sort of alarm built into new vehicles that have other remote options. However, there are better more advanced options, which are available to vehicle owners that give us an extra blanket of protection to know our automobile is safe.

Today, we will explore the best security gadgets that are readily available to consumers so your vehicle isn’t targeted by thieves. Let’s get started!

Four of the Best Security Options

1. Immobilizers

Immobilizers are gadgets that can disable the engine and ignition switch of a vehicle. Let’s face it some thieves use high-tech gadgets to keep up with automotive trends. If they are successful to bypass your locks and get into your vehicle, they try to hotwire the system to start the ignition.

With immobilizers, this is no longer possible. They cannot steal your vehicle, unless they manage to tow it, which can also be a hassle depending how you’re parked.

2. GPS Tracking System

This security system may not actually prevent thieves from stealing your car. However, this can be used to track your car even if it has been stolen. You can put this device anywhere in your vehicle, but make sure it’s hidden.

Afterward, register that gadget to a GPS tracking app. This can make tracking your vehicle with your smartphone a breeze. In this way, the police can easily help you track the thieves and make according arrests while getting your vehicle back.

3. Fingerprint Locks

Fingerprint locks are a smart security gadget that can really prevent thieves from opening your vehicle. They cannot open it using any particular tool because the gadget is using the latest biometrics technology in which only the person with registered fingerprint is authorized to open the vehicle.

4. Kill Switch

This security gadget works like immobilizers in the sense that it can disable the engine; however, kill switches can be used along with immobilizers. Let’s say your vehicle has immobilizer, and nobody could start the engine.

If, for some reason, somebody is able to start it, you still have another way to stop the thief by closing all the electrical components of your engine with the help of a kill switch. The good thing about this is that you can stop the engine by using a wireless device such as your laptop or smartphone.


Your vehicle is the extension of yourself then you should protect it the way you protect yourself. In some circumstances, cost could be considered on some of these security devices, but you have to remember the hassles of getting a new vehicle and that added security for your vehicle might have been worth it.

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