Salvage Parts for Rebuilding Your Ride

When I went to replace Jeep parts recently after finding an old Jeep, I found a way to fix it and save so much money at the same time. It was a fun process. I learned some new things about salvage yards too. This is what I discovered:

Buying parts from a salvage yard isn’t just for people like me that want to rebuild a classic vehicle. Some people might just need a part or two to make the repair. It’s important to know a few points for both types of purchase. Some things are essential and others are about saving money. In the end, it’s about a balance of savings versus the process. If it isn’t fun or rewarding, then this might not be the thing to do. If saving money is the thing and the thrill of the search and find, then using salvage yards might be the perfect way to rebuild your dream vehicle. All Truck and Car parts can be bought from salvage yards at an enormous discount. It doesn’t have to be a difficult process either.

Get the Right Part

Salvage yards are an exciting place to search for discounts. The parts are inexpensive and plentiful. Many salvage yards have Jeep parts listed in a database online for me to search for the parts needed. I was careful to buy the correct year and make for my vehicle and cross-referenced the parts found with pictures online. That was lucky. I got my Jeep up and running for a total cost of $1200. I saved so much money.


While savings is important, so is quality. One of the biggest things I learned along the way was to make sure the cost matched the part. It is easy to get tricked when buying parts for a car. I learned to check the price against the new price. There are times when it makes more sense to buy the part new. I had to compare the used repair parts price and the labor involved in the salvage repair against buying a Jeep that was running with the parts included.


Some yards have online databases that are not kept up to date. I had to check around to make sure my parts were available at the moment of purchase. Sometimes sites list parts that have yet to arrive for sale. It’s always better to go to a pull yard if it’s available. Online sites work too. I had to check the ratings of the online salvage yards past customer satisfaction to ensure that the parts were available for purchase. I also had to make sure the parts were really the best fit for my Jeep.


It is also important to make sure the parts are authentic brand parts. The parts have to fit the car. Copy-cats will always make fakes. Imitators have gotten talented, too, at making fake parts look authentic. I had to make sure the Jeep parts were real. I checked the details carefully and made sure my purchases were the real deal. Failure to do that could have been dangerous for me in the long run. Imagine buying and installing a fake part. It breaks while driving. The results could just be deadly.


Buying my Jeep from a salvage yard was one of the best money-saving tips I could share. I did my homework and found a great deal. There are salvage vehicles and parts to be found to make your dreams come true. The car might need work but the car’s over-all cost will be so far below the market value that I never want to buy a car any other way. Anyone can repeat this over and over to even flip vehicles for profit. Imagine putting in $1,200 for a vehicle that sold for $14,000 or more? It could just be the beginning of a new career. Either way, using salvage yards for parts is s simple process when the above steps are carefully followed. It’s a ton of fun to do, too.

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