Road Accidents: A Guide to Getting Compensation

When road accidents occur, a primary concern for drivers is insurance and the cost of repairing a vehicle. If however someone is to be injured as a result of an accident, there could be even further concerns to consider. Making a road traffic accident claim can prove to be invaluable if you’ve sustained serious injuries that have resulted in loss of health and income. Here’s our guide to making a road traffic accident claim.

The Law

If you want to make a road accident compensation claim, you have to be able to prove that the injuries you sustained were through no fault of your own as otherwise there is no-one you can make a claim against.

Accidents that are partially your fault can still result in a claim however. If you are seen to be partly responsible for the accident, you will in most cases receive a reduced amount of compensation.

As long as you were not entirely responsible for the accident, making a claim is possible.

What kind of compensation can you claim?

Any injuries or losses you received as a result of a road accident can be claimed for. This means that you can also claim for loss of income due to serious physical injury.

The claiming process

In order to make a successful claim you will need a road accident solicitor to help you with your claim. Your solicitor will first be concerned with proving that you were not responsible for the accident.

If the other party deny any responsibility, your solicitor will begin to gather evidence to support your claim, this includes: your statement, eye witness statements, police report and any expert investigation that may be carried out. If an agreement cannot be reached after this point, you will have to present your evidence in court.

Your injuries

The injuries you receive as a result of a car accident can be numerous, from physical injuries to all parts of your body to mental issues such as post-traumatic stress. In order to make a successful claim, you need to be able to prove the injuries, either through your own doctor or through a medical expert provided by your solicitor. In many cases, you should seek out numerous experts for all the different injuries you wish to claim for. If for example you need head injury compensation as a result of a holiday accident, seeking out a specialist is always advised. From here, your solicitors can help build up a picture of how much injury compensation you should claim for.

In some rare cases, you may have to have your evidence re-evaluated by a third party if the opposition refute the validity of your medical evidence.

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