Car Sizes Through The Years

Today, the roads of any major city in the United States are covered in a variety of cars. Styles range from small, nimble European sports cars to angular and classy American sedans. The exotic and the mundane mingle together in traffic, as do the new and the old. Comparing our classic cars with their modern counterparts can be quite interesting.

Perhaps the most apparent difference between older designs and contemporary styles is size. Simply put, our modern cars seem enormous next to cars of ages past. Take, for example, the venerable Ford Mustang. A Mustang is not an uncommon sight on our highways today, and it wasn’t back in 1967, either. However, the cars couldn’t be more different. The newer Mustang is a full 6 inches longer, 6 inches wider, and 4 inches taller. Most astoundingly, the newer models can be up to 1,500 pounds heavier!

So, how exactly did our cars get so much bigger? See it here!

Taking a Closer Look at the Ford Fiesta

An enduringly solid option in the supermini category of cars, the Ford Fiesta range continues to impress with its technological upgrades and smooth ride. If you’re looking at car reviews in search of a model that is reliable, comfortable, and moderately priced, Ford may have a car for you. The Fiesta range has been around since 1976, with the most current version available being the Ford Fiesta Mark VI. This sixth generation of Fiestas has been sold since 2008, with a new upgrade due in September of 2012. It’s possible to choose from a 5-door or 3-door hatchback, offering a more spacious interior than in past incarnations. A 4-door sedan model is also available as part of this range. Continue Reading →

Get All the Attention Without All the Cost

Let’s face it, you’re probably not gonna be rolling around in a $200K Italian sports car packed with a bucket of blondes anytime soon. But, just because you aren’t shelling out cash like it’s going out of style doesn’t mean you can’t hook up your ride with head-turning looks. With the right set of upgrades you can trick out your street sled with the look of handmade Italian luxury minus the flashy sticker shock.

If you love saving green as much as you care about your muscle car, decking it out is a passion project that goes way beyond getting looks from pedestrians and crowds of onlookers trying to guess the year. It’s about bringing it back to the golden age of American muscle. Back in the 1950s, cars were packed with character, passion and attitude. Casually cruising down the streets in one of these timeless rides brings back the magic of that era in a way that no Lamborghini or Ferrari ever can. And, with this select mix of budget-friendly gear, you can ratchet up the sex appeal of your classic muscle car. Continue Reading →