Top 5 family hatchbacks that hold their value

Volkswagen Golf

When buying a car, how well it retains its value can often take a backseat compared to comfort, safety and practicability. But, what if we told you when you buy your next family car, you can get all those things. Continue Reading →

Multi-billion dollar car insurance market set to grow worldwide

100-Dollar-CarThere’s no doubting car insurance is a multi-billion dollar industry which is forecast to grow in line with the expected large increase in vehicle numbers on roads worldwide. Indeed, industry watchers expect the vehicle insurance market to increase in value from about $560 billion in 2011 to around $650 billion by 2017.

Although North America dominates the industry, its position is likely to be challenged by new and emerging markets like China, where disposable income has increased greatly over recent years and car ownership has risen dramatically as a consequence. Continue Reading →

RANGE ROVER EVOQUE And It’s Excellance


Range Rover Evoque is the perfect vehicle to explore the city, putting performance, capability and outstanding design at your fingertips. Begin your adventure by choosing from the models; Pure, Prestige, Dynamic. All available in 5-door and Coupe versions. Continue Reading →