Storing Your Car For Winter Explained


In the scope of things that are a little miserable about winter, making sure your car is well-cared for is high up there. Shoveling your car out of snow, warming it up for twenty minutes before actually driving it, and scraping ice off your windshield- there’s got to be a better way, right? Continue Reading →

Travel Options for the Accident-Weary

Auto Accident

We all love our cars. They get us to work, to our family get-togethers, and to our kids’ baseball games. We sink a lot of money into them with regular maintenance like brake and oil changes; and we love giving our “mechanical babies” a bath. Whether you own a 1980s Nissan Sentra, or a 2014 Aston Martin Vanquish, chances are you love your car. Well, this is all the more reason to be aware of certain facts related to travel and automobile use. Continue Reading →

The London Classic Car Show

London Classic Car Show

The inaugural London Classic Car Show is to be held at the ExCeL Centre in London’s Docklands from 8th-11th January. The Car Show is designed to display classic and collector cars to celebrate international motoring heritage.

A selection of 40 vintage models will be exhibited at the London Classic Car Show. The exhibition will take those attending on a journey through automobile history, starting at the dawn of motoring with the 1902 Curved Dash Oldsmobile. Other displays include competition cars such as a Group 4 Lancia Stratos from the 1970s, modern classics including the Jaguar XJ220 and the Bugatti EB110 as well as vehicles from the so-called ‘Golden Era’. Continue Reading →