Land Rover – The Vanishing Game By William Boyd

There is no vehicle on earth like a Land Rover. And there is no writer who can spin an adventure like William Boyd. Born in Ghana, West Africa, the British author is no stranger to expanse and wilderness. His novels have always created tales of suspense and adventure. His characters are journeyman, escaping and conquering in the face of innumerable odds. In his latest, The Vanishing Game, Boyd illuminates the ethos of Land Rover: rugged individualism, reliability, performance. Continue Reading →


pulsar Nismo

Nissan is looking to make a splash in the European C-segment with the hopped-up Pulsar Nismo concept. Continue Reading →

Are you a boy racer? Here’s how to stay safe


Jet around in a Ferrari like a boy racer and you’ll James Dean it eventually, careering off-road or ploughing into a Vauxhall Nova or stopping, skid mark quick, in the middle of the road and feeling the whiplash course through your spinal column.

Every year thousands of people suffer accidents on the road – some of which will be fatal.

Indeed, the number of people making a car crash claim has soared in recent years. The serious damage done to a car crash victim could even earn them claims reaching in the thousands. While this has led to numerous “crash for cash” fraudsters, it’s also resulted in a number of people getting the cash they deserve.

But, naturally, you don’t want to find yourself with a spinal injury just so you can make a bit of moolah. You want a car that’s safe and secure. So what do you need for a drive that won’t threaten your safety? Continue Reading →