How Healthy Truckers Create Safe Roads

Car accident

Statistics show auto accidents cause a staggering 12 percent of work-related deaths. This puts truckers in direct danger, making the need to stay safe a top priority to stay sustainable, and in some cases, alive.

Driving long distances can get the best out of all truckers, including professionals with decades of experience. The truth is, accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. A branch on the ground, or a child carelessly crossing the street, can easily set off a pileup, endangering the lives of everyone on the road.

Staying sharp, fit, and alert is the key to minimizing accidents and keeping others safe. Many truckers overlook their well-being, but that doesn’t mean you should, too. Below highlights why good health is an essential part of being a successful trucker, and what it takes to stay in top performing condition.  Continue Reading →

McLaren Automotive: A Success Story

Driven by strong sales of the MPC-12C and the P1 McLaren Automotive achieved record sales in the year 2014. The tally of 1648 super cars moves the company closer to its goal of producing 4000 cars per year in the near term. The super car market, where vehicles go for anywhere between $260,000 and $1.8 is a small share of the overall global auto market. The general global automobile market has grown to about 50 million units in 2014 and is on track to hit another record in 2015. This is on the back of a continued surge in demand from emerging economies like China. Despite a slowdown this past year in economic growth, further sales growth is anticipated in these markets. Coupled with renewed strength in the North American Auto sector, where 19 million units are forecast to move in 2015 and it is shaping up to be a strong year for all automotive players. McLaren and competitor Lamborghini, despite both being at the high end of the marketplace, will also experience a boost from this trend. With McLaren looking to close the production and sales gap between itself and its competitor who sold 2430 units in 2014.

MPC-12C – Drives Demand

MP4-12C Continue Reading →

Why choose to buy a pre-owned car

pre-owned car
We all love our cars – they get us to and from work and from A to B, saving us from using that dreaded public transport that we all hate. But, purchasing a new car can be pretty expensive and we don’t all have that kind of money lying around. As a result a large number of us car lovers opt to purchase a used or pre-owned vehicle. However, there is large debate as to whether purchasing a used car is in fact beneficial at all. Continue Reading →