New MINI One is Coming


When BMW revived the iconic MINI brand in 2001, the car became a big hit for the German company and spawned performance, convertible and station wagon variants. More than a decade later, a new MINI is readying for release. The updated MINI will feature a new range of engines and an adaptive suspension. BMW’s main goal was to refine the car without losing its essential character.

The MINI Vision concept model gives several cues about the direction BMW is taking, and the new car is noticeably larger than the current model. However, smaller engines will be offered to deliver better fuel economy and reduced carbon dioxide emissions. MINI drivers enjoy spirited performance, and BMW hopes to satisfy them by coaxing as much power as they can from the new engines. Technology such as twin scrolling turbochargers, variable valve timing and direct fuel injection will make the most of their modest displacement.

The MINI Cooper model receives a 1.5 litre three cylinder power plant which puts out 136 horsepower, which is an improvement of 15 horsepower over the 1.6 litre unit in the current car. The new car will also be lighter, which should lead to an impressive improvement in acceleration. Running costs should be lower too with greatly improved fuel economy. BMW plans to get the new MINI One for sale in showrooms by November.

The performance Cooper S will be powered by a four cylinder motor producing 189 horsepower and 221 lb-ft of torque, which are both improvements on the outgoing model. Turbochargers are located within the exhaust manifold to reduce lag and increase throttle response. Both new engines will redline at about 6,500 rpm, which is identical to the current car.

A new diesel engine is also to be offered, and it is a marvel of modern engineering. Power from the all-aluminium block is enhanced by variable geometry turbocharging and rail direct injection. Fuel consumption is improved by seven per cent to 74.3 mpg, and greenhouse gas emissions are reduced to 99g/km. A diesel powered Cooper SD model is planned for subsequent model years.

Transmissions are also innovative, with a new automatic being synced with the car’s GPS to allow it to select gears based on approaching road conditions and gradients. This is a feature the MINI shares with BMW’s flagship Rolls Royce brand. The suspension too is greatly improved with adaptive dampers that can be electronically controlled. Drivers can select comfort or performance modes, and there is a sport setting which firms the ride up even more.

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