Money saving tips for first-time car buyers

As a first-time buyer, it is exciting to get behind the wheel of a new car and enjoy the freedom and mobility it gives you. However, with the perks of having a car comes new responsibilities. The first among them is to make sure that you can save money on the additional necessities your new purchase brings. This will ensure that your new car remains a positive factor in your life.

Read on to learn some great ways of saving money on your latest car.

Research the best parking in your area

When driving into town for business or pleasure, take the time, as a new driver, to look around the areas where you know you will be spending the most time. This way, you can scope out the cheapest parking and talk to people you know who park in the same location for their recommendations – you could be missing some amazing savings that are just a minute away if you never ask about it!

Depending on the duration of your stay, you can also look into using free supermarket parking lots, as these can be a blessing. From the late afternoon, you can freely park in many areas that are usually ticketed. For all of your other needs, NCP provides plentiful, secure and affordable parking in over 500 locations in Britain.

Save on your car insurance

To ensure you get the best deal possible on legally mandated insurance, it is important to shop around. Car insurance quotes can be found on a range of sites, and it is good to know what you want before you step through the door.

The different uses of your car will affect what policy in which you need to invest. For example, if you commute, you will need personal business insurance – and, if your work comes with a lot of travel throughout the day, a commercial travelling policy is most likely essential.

It is, therefore, a good idea to look around comparison services to try gathering a range of policy options. Once you know the range of policies that interest you, don’t forget to consider the importance of good customer service at your insurer of choice.

It can seem daunting and even a little embarrassing to look around on the internet. However, a little research now, while the car is still new, could save you huge amounts over the years you own the vehicle if you find the right policy.

Check your tire rating

While it’s easy to never think about the tyres that carry you over the road, the RAC found that doing a little research could save you up to £50 over the course of a year.

All tyres sold in Britain have an EU tyre label – rating the quality from A, the best, to G, the lowest quality. While grade G tyres are the cheapest, they will result in greater CO2 emissions and can increase your stopping distance. It is crucial to be extra-wary as a new car driver, as an accident caused by unresponsive tyres early on in your car ownership can affect your premiums for years to come.

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