Making a Stand for Britain’s Vans

Ford Transit

The humble van is the lifeblood of pretty much any business (except for those fancy ones where people just sit around on beanie bags drinking coffee). Almost every company, right the way from the largest conglomerate down to the smallest Sussex window cleaners, will make use of vans in some capacity.

Of course, those of you who actually drive a van for work will know just how quickly it becomes a part of you – as a person, not as an employee. It’s like a home from home. A sticker for your favourite football team up in the window, an old coffee cup right where you left it, the radio tuned to your favourite station. The comforting hum of the engine as you start work in the morning, the way the heater starts to rattle as it heats up. Your van is a bit of you. That makes it all the more important to get it insured.

Axa van insurance means that you are provided with adequate repairs, coming complete with a lifetime guarantee. This includes minor repairs on your doorstep, and 24 hour repairs for windows and windscreens.

Should your van need more serious repairs – those that take time – you will be given a courtesy van which you will have use of for as long as yours is under repair. And if your trusted steed needs to be put out to pasture more permanently, you can get a brand spanking new replacement (provided the original was written off within six months of original purchase and registration).

You can also get cover for your sat nav, music system or hands free kit, as long as it was fitted as a permanent feature when the van was bought. Even if it was fitted afterwards, you can still get given a sizeable sum in compensation. If other belongings, whether it be a laptop, yucca plant or pair of old football boots, get stolen out of the vehicle then there may be a fee to cover these as well.

As well as all that, you can get cover for replacement keys and locks, wrong fuel cover, personal injury and medical insurance. You can also cover yourself for up to 93 days of travel in the EU as long as two weeks of notice is provided.

Just pick up your phone, get a quote, and set about insuring your van. You won’t regret it.

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