Make Your Cross-Country Move More like Vacation, Less like Road Warrior

Remember National Lampoon’s Vacation?

The Griswold’s trip to Walley World had its follies and humor. The movie perfectly encapsulated the zany happenings when you’ve loaded up the family and set out on an adventure.

What about The Road Warrior?

The wastelands where our hero, Max, takes on roaving marauders in an attempt to get to the promised land. Danger around every corner with spectacular battles fueled by octane.

Consider your cross-country move — which would you prefer?

There are many dangers when you’re on the open road. This could include blood clots caused by immobility. Or, increasing your chance of accidents by simply exposing yourself to traffic. A long-distance move is actually a little scary when you think about it!

Let’s see how we can turn your move into something more Vacation and a little less Road Warrior.

A Quick Pre-Trip Checklist: Do You Have These Covered?

There are many ways to decrease the frustration and dangers of the open road.

Some of the (un) common sense ones include:

  • Not using your cell phone
  • Signaling for every turn/merge
  • Keeping safe distances and speed

Then, there are the others to remember before the long journey:

  • Getting a full auto inspection and tune-up
  • Packing a travel emergency/survival kit
  • Having a route but with some flexibility

It’s good to understand your stamina and will when doing a cross-country move. Most can handle the hour of afternoon traffic in their commute. Not all can handle a dawn-to-dusk drive.

Here are where things pivot:

  1. Take on the adventure and spend the next few days between the road, hotels, and eating out
  2. Using a site like the  Ship a Car Direct service, flying out, and letting professionals transport your vehicle

The 1st is perfect for those wanting the great American road trip. The 2nd would benefit those with a family not as favorable as the Griswold’s. Transporting the vehicle while you fly pretty much eliminates all the risks associated with long-distance travel.

For those that do want to hit the open road…

Moving Tips to Make the Experience Enjoyable for All

There are some extra items worth noting that’ll make the long trip oh-so-more enjoyable, being:

  • Quality Insurance — Peace of mind doesn’t come much easier than making sure your vehicle and its occupants are covered by auto insurance. This could include ‘Fleet Insurance’ to cover other members of your family tagging along in their vehicles.
  • Survival Kit — Those long stretches of roads in the mid-country can leave you hours without seeing pit-stops and gas stations. A flat tire or engine troubles could have you waiting nearly half a day. A survival kit with food, beverages, entertainment, and medications will make the wait bearable.
  • Slow and Steady — Punching it to 85 on the highways will shave some time off your total travel. But, this significantly increases your dangers and gas consumption. Instead, stick to the middle or right lane and set the car on cruise control for a nice, relaxing ride.
  • Make It an Adventure — You’ll need to stop over a few places so why not make it an adventure by getting away from the highway towns and enjoying the countryside? Try booking your stay at a local bed & breakfast, eat locally, and see the local sights. You may get a few tips from the locals, too.
  • Lock It Down — Fellow travelers and pit-stop personalities come and go. Your stuff can come and go, too. Always make sure to lock your vehicles and park in well-lit areas at night if you have packed items in your vehicle.

Outside of the obvious like staying attentive while driving and not rushing yourself, follow the laws and practice due diligence in your transit. There’s a lot of excitement (and stress) going on. You don’t want to be caught off guard on the road and during stops.

All-in-all, how you get there is up to you. Shipping your car is a smart choice for those short on time or a bit scared of the open road. Driving presents awesome experiences for those taking the challenge.

Keep your wits about you and you (and family) will make it there safe.

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