Land Rover – The Vanishing Game By William Boyd

There is no vehicle on earth like a Land Rover. And there is no writer who can spin an adventure like William Boyd. Born in Ghana, West Africa, the British author is no stranger to expanse and wilderness. His novels have always created tales of suspense and adventure. His characters are journeyman, escaping and conquering in the face of innumerable odds. In his latest, The Vanishing Game, Boyd illuminates the ethos of Land Rover: rugged individualism, reliability, performance.

Boyd was a natural choice to revive Ian Fleming’s classic James Bond series, in novelized form. Working with the actors who portrayed the famous fictional spy, including Daniel Craig and Sean Connery, Boyd has crafted a fitting addition to the Bond canon. Bond’s penchant for achieving the very difficult in style and class is mirrored in Land Rover’s designs. Their commitment to quality has been in place since their inception, generations ago. Many of their earliest vehicles are still seen on the road and the trail, still finding new paths, still carrying their drivers to great exploits.

Land Rovers are built to last. Despite the beating they take on the most rugged roads this world has to offer, they continually exceed expectations, in performance and durability. Boyd’s character is the same, beating the odds and outlasting his foes, in what is sure to be a thrilling ride for readers of all stripes.

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