Jaguar Land Rover Launches in Brazil

Jaguar F-Type

Success on a major scale cannot be achieved by any corporation unwilling or unable to globally expand. Doing good business in the companies’ domestic place of origin alone doesn’t make it a powerhouse in comparison to expansion-minded competitors. There are so many foreign markets just waiting to be tapped into by companies clever enough to make themselves a necessity or luxury. If your company can become beneficial to the foreign territory, that is even better. On that note, it’s only natural that Jaguar has announced its move into Brazil.

Breaking Ground

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is going to become home to a brand new Jaguar Land Rover manufacturing site as the company seeks to increase capacity and its foothold pertaining to global manufacturing. This is a historic event because it will be the first time ever that a British car maker has opened a manufacturing plant in Brazil. Jaguar is investing an estimated $390 million dollars into the project. which includes facility costs.

Construction of the Jaguar Land Rover manufacturing facility will begin mid-year 2014. They are aiming to get the first vehicle off the assembly line by 2016, pending approval from the Brazilian Federal Government. The planned facility has a maximum output capacity of 24,000 vehicles per year and will start out with a staff of 400 total. This development will definitely boost Brazil’s economy by creating new jobs and increasing the amount and value of exports leaving out of the country. Jaguar Land Rover already employs more than 26,000 people, and thanks to this expansion, they will also be giving more potential employees a chance to earn a living.

Jaguar’s location choice isn’t entirely a surprise, as the manufacturer has had a flourishing business presence in the country for the past 20 years. Sao Paulo is home to its national sales company with a current staff of 100 and there are 35 dealers throughout Brazil with more coming next year. In 2013 alone, sales in Brazil increased more than 40 percent during as little as 10 months thanks to the Range Rover Discovery, Freelander and Evoque models.

Power of Luxury

Jaguars and Land Rovers are luxury vehicles that automatically say something about the driver when they step out of the car. An heir of class, professionalism and affluence is felt and perceived by those observing. High performance and high quality go without saying for both automotive brands and has done so for decades. It’s this image that has captured the attention of Brazilian citizens and encouraged such market growth for Jaguar in the area.

To manufacture quality such as the Jaguar models stands as testament to the growth and development that Brazil has experienced under the eyes of global observance. The buying power of the country’s citizens has increased, so other automobile businesses may soon follow suit. The move of Jaguar into Brazil does appear to show how much image cultivation matters when it comes to global brand development for major manufacturers.

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