Insider Tips for Great Deals on Cars

 2015 Hyundai Sonata

Everyone’s taste in cars is different. Some will prefer luxury models that provide a smooth driving experience; others want the thrill of horse power. Finding exactly what you want isn’t usually an issue. Getting it at the price you want can be a confounding, and sometimes frustrating ordeal. There are lots of quick tricks, like saying cash is king. Which is mostly true. There’s also the tried and true method of walking away, but neither of these tips really gets at the meat of what makes a good car deal a good deal.

If you’re looking for more than just “a good price,” you’ll want to read on for these tips. You’ll be driving the car of your dreams at a price you can afford in no time.

Consider Timing

Right now is the end of summer, and that means many car dealers are getting rid of their stock for the year to make room for new models. 2013 was a high grossing year for Houston area dealers, although they did experience some dips during the government shut down crisis that left some new models left over. Knowing this, it’s a good idea to shop for a car that is maybe a year or two older than the current model, but still not used. It’s possible to find these deals if your timing is right, so keep an eye on the local news to see what’s trending. There are always sales throughout the year, and it’s difficult to pinpoint a set time where the prices are at their lowest.

Consider Amenities

A lot of millennials are taking to the cell phone to do their car shopping, which certainly isn’t a bad idea in terms of convenience. What it doesn’t do is offer one a good sense of the amenities a car has to offer. If you’re shopping for a Cadillac in Texas, it’s best to use the phone as a starting point. Look for dealers around you, find fair prices online and then visit a Cadillac dealer in Houston to negotiate on amenities. A Cadillac is one of the best luxury brands, complete with safety features, a solid sound system, and a price that often falls well below MSRP. You can also negotiate for some dealer-added amenities, like built-in GPS systems or Bluetooth hookups for phones.

Reviews and Reports

Aside from checking up on the reputation of your dealer, you should review the car itself. What are the most prominent reviews sites saying about how the car handles, how safe it is, and most importantly, how fun it is to drive? Consumer reports can be one of your biggest allies during this process. Don’t forget to consider the lifetime cost of owning the car, or the resale value if you plan to sell it. You will need to consider mileage and insurance as well, as the car will drop in value when you drive it longer distances. You should also consider routine maintenance costs, in addition to gas costs for your routine commute. Try to come up with these figures before the purchase if you can.

Final Thoughts

The final piece of advice is to put yourself behind the wheel. Even if you’re positive that you’ve gotten a fantastic deal for yourself, it’s important that you test drive the vehicle and be sure that it’s something you actually want to drive. It’s a big commitment, financially and logistically. Buying the wrong make of car can leave you with horrible maintenance costs and frequent breakdowns. Especially late in the car’s life span.

You’ll also want to get your maintenance done on time. This keeps your car’s warranty in tact and will provide you some financial relief in the long run if the car does break down unexpectedly.


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