How to Sell Your Motorcycle Fast

Selling a motorcycle is difficult for two reasons. For one, you easily become attached to your ride. Second, getting a fair price for a machine, especially if you have invested in modifications, can be difficult. You’ll place ads, meet buyers, give test rides, and haggle. This can take time. However, it is possible to sell your motorcycle fast if you follow a few pointers. Here are six tips that will help you sell your motorcycle in record time.

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1) Know Your Ride

Knowing more about your motorcycle than a buyer places you at a distinct advantage. This helps you maintain an air of credibility as you explain the various attributes and benefits of your machine. In addition, the buyer knows that you maintained your motorcycle properly, and is, therefore, likely to make you an offer. The converse it true in both cases.

2) Have the Right Documentation

No one will buy a motorcycle without proper documentation, so have the right documentation close just in case. This includes ownership documents with your name and the motorcycle’s VIN number. If you bought a used motorcycle, have a Used Vehicle Information package, which details previous owners.

Next on your list should be a Bill of Sale and a Safety Certification. To have the latter, a mechanic must inspect and certify the motor first. Without it, a bike is sold on a “as-is” basis. Needless to say, certified bikes sell faster. In addition, have documentation on past history. Finally, include the owner’s manual if possible.

3) Do Not Give Everyone a Test Ride

As they say, sell to everyone, but choose who to give a test ride. So, list your bike in as many classifieds as you possibly can. Better yet, attend local bike meets and put a “for sale” sign on your bike. When someone decides to take your motorcycle for a spin, demand an agreed sum of money first. Refund the money only if the bike comes back without a dent or scratch.

4) Accept a Cash Deposit

If a buyer makes a favorable offer but lacks the full sum, do not be afraid to take a cash deposit. This could make the difference between making and losing a sale. Only ensure that you agree on a date when the buyer must pay the remaining sum.

In return, make two copies of a partial payment receipt that contains all the information found in a Bill of Sale. This includes: the payment paid, the outstanding balance, and the date for paying the balance. Next, give the buyer a copy and keep one.

5) Extras Hold No Value

The sad reality of selling your beloved ride is that you will rarely recover the money you spend on extras. If you price your machine higher because of them, no one will come forward to buy it. But if you are desperate to get a buck or two for the saddlebags, extra gas tank or extra seat you installed, remove them and sell them separately.

6) Use a Third Party Service If You are Too Busy to Hunt for Buyers

Let’s face it, selling a bike is tough and takes a lot of your time. If you have better things to do than hunt for buyers, try using an online company such as RumbleON to do the dirty work for you. They offer instant cash offers to buy motorcycles nationwide and will even come pick up your motorcycle.


To sell your motorcycle fast, you must know it well. If you do not, buyers will take advantage of you. In addition, have the right documentation. This includes a Used Vehicle Information Package, Bill of Sale, and Safety Certification. Also have ownership documents and those on past history.

When people show interest, give them a test ride only after they hand over a refundable amount of money. And if someone who does not have the full sum makes you a good offer, take a cash deposit. Finally, sell any extras you installed on your bike separately, for extras hold no value.

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