Golden Oldies – The World’s Oldest Cars


It may be a sad fact of today’s modern world but unfortunately things seem like they’re no longer built to last. Businesses design their products with a shelf life so that when they come to the end of their cycle there is a brand new design, usually with updated features, for you to spend your money on. This is particularly true in the technology industry with mobile phones being constantly updated, and it can also true of the automotive industry. But what about those cars from a time when things were built to last? In our latest post we have decided to explore some of the cars that have been in production for the longest amount of time.

Before we dive right in it would probably be best to clarify what we are actually looking for which essentially is a car built on a 25 year old platform. If the engine has changed or the name then they will still be included as long as they stick to their original platform.


Morgan 4/4

Where better to start than with Morgan and their first venture into cars designed with 4 wheels – the 4/4. The car was first seen in production way back in 1936 and is still being made today handing the company the world record for the longest production run of a single car model. The engine of this beautiful little sportster has been updated over the years but currently sits as 1,595 cc, a solid improvement on the 1,122 cc that they originally had. A basic model from Morgan will set you back around £25,000 but seeing as these were built to last it is definitely worth the investment.

Hindustan Ambassador

Hindustan Ambassador

May 2014 saw the sad news that the Hindustan Ambassador was to be stopped being made in India after 56 years of production. The decision was made on the car, which saw its design based on the Morris Oxford III model, due to its poor fuel consumption and large design although it had been one of the country’s most popular cars especially for Government use or taxis.

Bristol Blenheim

Bristol Blenheim

Perhaps one of the most expensive cars to feature on our list, buying a brand new Bristol Blenheim could set you back a cool quarter of a million dollars. They first appeared on our streets in 1976 and have continued in production ever since although relatively few are made every year which adds to its high price tag. There have been several updates on this car over the years, mainly to improve the fuel consumption which has managed to keep this car still top of its class and highly sought after.

Mercedes G Class

Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen

Mercedes released its G-Wagen in 1979 and it has been going ever since. Although the company has more of a name in luxury cars it also makes a pretty good SUV too. There has been constant updates to this car over the years which has meant that it keeps on top of the performance charts and it was also used in Hollywood film A Good Day To Die Hard


Land Rover Series I

Our final offering comes from a car that ceased production in 1985 but had a good life cycle lasting an impressive 37 years. The Land Rover Series I was originally designed for use farm and light industrial use and was constantly updated during its term to suit these needs. While they may have stopped making them if you own one you can still pick up spare parts from specialist dealers such as Tim Fry Landrover. The Land Rover Series I, II and III were eventually replaced by the Defender at which it was announced last year that they will cease making them in 2015.

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