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Why is Dubai Obsessed with Opulent Supercars?

If America is the land of opportunity, then the United Arab Emirates is the land of opulence. Dubai may very well be the crown jewel of the UAE with its masterfully designed man made archipelagos, swank hotels, and of course supercars, which are seemingly as plentiful in Dubai as Chevrolets are in America. So, what is it that drives that drives Dubai’s obsession with opulent supercars? Is it hyper-consumerism? Is it as simple as man’s natural desire to live life to the fullest? Whatever it is that motivates the people and visitors of Dubai to ride around in cars that are worth as much or even more than a mini-mansion, it is a question worth further contemplation. read more »

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The Best Way to Choose Your Next New Car

Car shopping is no easy task. Over half of people who go to a dealership looking for a new car have no idea what make or model they intend to buy. A new car can be a significant investment for any family, and it’s important to make sure that you get a vehicle that suits both your budget and your lifestyle. You may want to look into minivans that can cart the whole family around, or you may be more interested in a sporty sedan for city driving. No matter what you’re looking for, there are a couple of features that you should take into consideration when choosing a new car. read more »

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Sponsored Video: Genesis G90 – A Luxury Sedan With Modern Style

The Genesis G90 is a new luxury vehicle suited for business and pleasure. The Genesis brand combines cutting-edge utility features with an aesthetically pleasing exterior to create a sedan that is the embodiment of luxury.


As a luxury-class vehicle, the Genesis G90 offers a spacious five-seat interior. The dashboard paneling consists of high-quality beige vinyl. Each seat is made of Nappa leather. There are currently five exterior colors available. These are:

  • Manhattan brown
  • Santiago silver
  • Casablanca white
  • Himalayan gray
  • Caspian black


In addition to high-quality aesthetics, the G90 luxury sedan offers a high-performance driving experience. With a 3.3L Twin Turbo V6 engine, the G90 can accelerate quickly to make navigating busy highways an easy task. At maximum performance, the engine produces up to 365 horsepower. Each G90 comes equipped with a direct-injection gasoline fuel system. On city streets, drivers can expect a fuel economy of 17 MPG. Highway driving yields a fuel economy of 24 MPG. The basic G90 build uses a rear-wheel-drive system.

Utility Features

By using some of best innovations in the automobile industry, Genesis has crafted a car that is safe and comfortable. To reduce human errors and decrease the likelihood of accidents, the G90 has several safety features. The blind-spot detection system allows drivers to change lanes in rush-hour traffic with minimal risks. This feature is complemented with Genesis’ Lane Keep Assist and Driver Attention Alerts. The creators of these features understand that drivers are often hindered by fatigue and road-side distractions during long trips, so they created tools to keep drivers from drifting into accidents. To maximize fuel economy on highways, the G90 also includes a smart cruise control system. Some additional features are:

  • Automatic emergency breaking
  • Multi-view camera
  • HD navigation system
  • Stop-start system

Luxury Features

In addition to comfortable seating and plenty of legroom, the Genesis G90 has several luxurious technology features. The vehicle offers a heads-up display and a Lexicon 17-speaker sound system.

About Genesis

Genesis Motors is a luxury vehicle company that is led by a team of experienced professionals from the automobile industry. The Senior Vice President of the company is Manfred Fitzgerald, the former Director of Brand and Design for Lamborghini. He is supported by Luc Donckerwolke and Peter Schreyer.

This post is sponsored by Genesis.