Cadillac: Providing Americans with Luxury Vehicles (and Music)

Cadillac is one of the subsidiaries of General Motors that produces luxury vehicles. The company was established in 1902. Seven years later they were purchased by General Motors. By the time the company became a General Motors subsidiary, many Americans had already regarded the brand as one of the top luxury car makers in the United States. More than one hundred years later, Cadillac still manages to establish itself as a premier luxury car maker. Cadillac has become a legend. People will keep on buying the vehicle because of its features and the luxury attributed to it.

The 2013 Cadillac XTS

Through the years, the brand name was also used extensively in the field of music, and it influenced the entertainment industry. Many singers have created songs about the Cadillac under several music genres. Some of the best songs which feature a Cadillac include: Maybelline by Chuck Berry; One Piece at a Time by Johnny Cash; Cadillac Walk by Mind DeVille; Cadillac Ranch by Bruce Springsteen; Cadillac Blues, which is a collaboration between Karen Lawrence and Blue By Nature; Black Cadillac by Roseanne Cash; Cadillac, Cadillac by Train; and That’s What I Like by Grammy Award Winner Bruno Mars. The songs that were made about the luxury vehicle have become popular over the years, with many people highlighting the catchy tunes of these songs.

Maybelline, which was performed by Chuck Berry in 1958, is a song that lasted for more than two minutes. The song was greatly received by the audience because of how it portrays the American way of life in the 1950s. The singer also emphasized the importance of riding in a Cadillac in the 1950s, which determines someone’s place in society because of the luxury attributed to the brand. The song features a Coup de Ville, one of Cadillac’s most popular models during this time period. In 1976, Johnny Cash released another song that features the luxury vehicle brand, titling it One Piece at a Time. The song is about a man from a Cadillac dealership in Tennessee that aims to build his own Cadillac vehicle from the parts that were taken out of the plant using his lunchbox. The song had a happy tune, and it was among the funniest songs written during this time period. Cadillac has also created a vehicle to honor the song after it became hugely popular, with the project being scrapped in 2003 following the singer’s death.

Another song that was created to pay homage to the popular American vehicle brand was called Cadillac Walk, a song performed by Mink DeVille, and was released to the public in 1977. The song is known for its witty lyrics, and according to those who know Mink DeVille very well, the singer really wanted to put a Cadillac on the song because of its marketability among the public. Many people loved the beat from the song and the three-minute performance of Mink DeVille is praised. Cadillac Ranch, which was performed by Bruce Springsteen, became popular in the year 1980. Four years later, he wrote another song that talks about the Cadillac, called Pink Cadillac. The Cadillac-themed songs that were written by Bruce Springsteen have been known for their catchy tunes. People love to hear this type of music when they are driving around town.

The songs about Cadillac vehicles managed to get through the 90s decade because of songs like Cadillac Blues by Karen Lawrence, who also featured Blue by Nature during their performance. The song is about the vehicle’s luxury status among the American drivers, and how the car manufacturers are making sure that each Cadillac would have a V8 engine, seats made from custom leather, and an automatic overdrive. When the new millennium came in, songs about Cadillacs were still popular. In 2006, Roseanne Cash released Black Cadillac, a song that talks about grief and loss. It was lauded for being true to life, and for highlighting the feelings felt by those who experienced depression. Train’s Cadillac, Cadillac, which was released in 2014, also featured a catchy tune that is lauded by the listeners. People say that the song from Train could also be used when going on an out of town trip. The most recent song that featured a Cadillac would be Bruno Mars’ 2017 hit – That’s What I Like. The song encourages the love interest of the artist to jump into his Cadillac and drive it for miles. No matter what song you’re listening to, it will always sound better when you’re driving that beautiful Cadillac down the road.

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