BMW i3 and i8 are Set to Take Over the Urban Streets

When thinking about the most cutting-edge trends in the automotive industry, BMW is usually the first thing to pop into the minds of consumers. Instead of focusing on long highway commutes for its latest set of vehicles, BMW wants to focus more on the shifting demands of young professionals who are increasingly moving to large urban centers for their latest series of cars. Instead of focusing on retirees from Arizona who might be able to afford the cars with their savings, BMW is hoping to grab people early in their careers who would purchase with Phoenix auto title loans so they would stick with the BMW brand throughout their lives.

According to the Wall Street Journal website, the BMW i3 will launch in 2013 and the BMW is set to launch soon after in 2014. The company has also stated that their new series combines an intelligent form of urban transportation with commuting. While most hipsters see the fixed gear bike as the preferred method of urban commute, BMW wants to transpose its new line as the preferred way to get around popular city destinations.

The BMW i3 is a sleek looking hatchback which was designed to make transportation around dense urban areas more efficient. It has a 170 horsepower motor which can send the car from 0 to 60 in under eight seconds. The car is expected to live up to BMW’s high driving standards while getting a long battery life not commonly associated with electric vehicles.

The BMW i8 is a hybrid which combines an internal combustion engine with the same electric powertrain found in the i3. It can go from 0 to 60 in under five seconds and has an impressive 78 mile per gallon fuel economy.

According to All Tech News, this is BMW’s first foray into creating a completely electric vehicle from scratch. Instead of replacing a previous model’s combustion engine with an electric battery system, BMW created their own. This will help BMW in the future if the vehicle catches on with consumers and more people start to warm up towards electric technology.

To make the marketing of the new BMW iSeries even more unique, the company has teamed up with social media authority Mashable in order to form the Global Innovation Series. A part of the GIS is the implementation of the Sustainable Neighborhoods project which will have teams from different major cities participate in new ways to make their cities prosper into the future.

The BMW iSeries sounds like a truly unique step forward in the automotive game. BMW is always ahead of the curve when it comes trendsetting in the automotive world.

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