American muscle – Ford’s first RHD Mustang is to hit the UK this autumn

ford mustang 2015 rhd

If you’re into cars – and since you’re here I’m guessing that you are – then you’ll probably agree there are few cars that can your motor running quite like a Ford Mustang.

Since the first Mustang rolled off the production line in 1964 it has become an American automotive icon, making memorable cameos in all manner of films, from Goldfinger to Transformers. Then there was Bullitt of course, in which the 1968 GT390 Fastback managed to steal the show from Steve McQueen.

The trouble is though, if you’ve ever wanted to own a Mustang, you’ll have had to import a left-hand drive version as Ford has never produced one exclusively for the UK market.

While a left-hand drive muscle car is all well and good if head-turning is your thing, it’s not so clever when it comes to the practicalities of getting through toll roads, drive-thrus or even just making a simple right turn.

The good news is all that is about to change, as this autumn sees the release of Ford’s first, purpose-built for the UK, right-hand drive Mustang.

Ford Mustang

This will be the sixth generation Mustang to hit the streets and while its previous five iterations have been and gone with varying degrees of success, they’ve all had one thing in common – they’ve all been designed solely for the American market.

This new Mustang breaks the mould completely and is the first to have been designed to sell in shed loads right across the globe as part of the company’s One Ford plan. The plan is their new philosophy of building class-leading products and selling them from Birmingham to Beijing and everywhere in between.

So here’s what to expect…

Vehicle Options

UK motorists will be able to choose a fastback or convertible model with either a 2.3-litre EcoBoost engine – there’s the first nod to the emission-conscious European market – or a more US-style gas-guzzling 5.0-litre V8 under the bonnet.

The quad-cam V8 offers 420bhp at some 6,500rpm and 400lb ft of torque 4,250rpm, while the four-cylinder turbocharged EcoBoost gets 306bhp at 5,500rpm and 320lb ft of torque at 3,000rpm.

The V8  comes in at a cool £32,995, while the more cost-effective EcoBoost will set you back £28,995 – a price tag that undercuts the equivalent BMW 4-series and Audi A5 models. The lower emissions offered by the 2.8-litre engine could also mean it appeals to anyone after a company car with a difference.


The EcoBoost with six-speed manual transmission will get you from 0-60mph in a none-too-shabby 5.5 seconds, or you can opt for a six-speed automatic transmission if you don’t mind throwing an extra £1,500 onto the screen price.

The V8 coupe with six-speed manual shaves a second off that time, hitting 0-60mph in 4.5 seconds, and a top speed of 155mph. It’s no exaggeration to say that, performance-wise, this new Mustang could hold its own with the Jaguar F-Type.

The car features a new multi-link rear suspension, which delivers great rear grip, traction and handling balance, but on the downside it’s not so great in low speeds, where the ride can get quite bumpy. It’s hoped that this could be ironed out with some eleventh-hour tuning before it has to cope with the UK streets.


The new Mustang comes with 19-inch alloys, xenon headlamps, LED tail lights and a Performance Equipment Package as standard across the entire range. This includes firmer suspension, bigger brakes, sports seats and variable driving modes.

On the inside it offers a nine-speaker sound system, an eight-inch colour touchscreen console with voice activation and dual climate control.

Lustre Nickel alloys and climate-controlled leather seats are optional extras and there will be a choice of 10 different paint jobs. No matter what colour you choose, this is a car that will turn heads.

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