Allroad concept car by Audi Prologue

audi prologue allroad

Audi is previewing its wagon of the future with the debut of a gorgeous concept. A set of official design sketches of the Prologue allroad Concept, the all terrain version of Audi’s estate concept has been revealed.

Until then, we’ll just have to settle for sporty, overpowered crossover concepts. Following up on last year’s TT offroad and 2013’s Nanuk Quattro, Audi is premiering the new Prologue allroad at this year’s Auto Shanghai show.

The biennial Shanghai Motor Show is right around the corner, and automakers from all over the globe are starting to announce what they will be bringing to the party.

Most of the previous prologue concepts have been powered by a hybrid drivetrain, showing Audi’s determination to electrify most of its lineup in the coming years.

The car is expected to incorporate the typical Allroad design flairs like high ground clearance, protection shield inside wheel arches, heavy bumpers strengthened with protection plates, and aluminium roof bars to the latest design language of the Prologue series.

Together with its conceptual stablemates, the Prologue Allroad concept points towards a stylish and technologically advanced future for Ingolstadt, and we’re looking forward to seeing this show car transition into production as the next A6.

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