A Smart Investment You Hope You’ll Never Need: A Dash Cam Buying Mini-Guide

The last thing anyone thinks about when they go on a daily drive is getting into an accident. You don’t think about it until the moment it happens. Nowadays, cars are built with even more safety measures in mind. One such device is the dash cam, a car specific technology that helps you in the event of an accident, or having to look through driving footage with your car. Here are some tips, offers and things to think about for buying a dash cam.


Dash Cam Benefits

Dash cams are probably something you’ve seen from footage during the news from a police car. While you probably won’t be involved in any exciting chases, you’ll find there are numerous benefits for you by getting a dash cam.

Currently, automobiles are currently picking up with more dash cams being installed in cars. A brand new Jeep Cherokee, you’ll find comes equipped with the latest technology to help you out in a pinch. It could be helpful to recount any off roading adventures in the nighttimes as well.

Dash cam sales are expected to reach around $90 million in the next couple of years. Sales have increased by over nine percent in the last year as well. It’s a trend people are picking up on.


These cameras are different than a regular camera or even a smartphone. The primary focus of a dash cam is for protection. That is why these were original prevalent and popular with law enforcement. You may find that you’ll buy a dash cam and never have to use it. This can be hard to justify, but you can never when that one time a bad accident could happen. The potential help far outweighs the cost.


There is a certain set of criteria that should be looked over before buying a dash cam. The first one is video quality. It’s obviously one of the most important. You’ll want to look for minimum 1080p. The main lens on the camera should be able to hit this no problem.

There are a few dash cams that come with dual cameras. They’ll record both the road ahead of you and yourself driving if you want it. Anything below 720p will be too pixelated for any image worth seeing. The additional camera will help out in an accident to look for any problems that might happen inside of the car.

A majority of dash cams come with microSD cards. The usual capacity comes in at 32GB. There are some dash cams that support up to 128GB too. There is another capacity you’ll want to look at too. Loop recording is something the camera does as it loops over old footage automatically replacing old things that the camera filmed.

There are other times you’ll want to have longer range of timespans to record as well. Double check to make sure all of these features comes with your dash cam before buying a new one.

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