3 Reasons Why Green, Environmentally Friendly Cars Are More Popular Then Ever

Smart Hybrid

If someone asks you to name an environmentally car, you’ll probably say a Smart car – those fuel efficient, easy to park microcars. But despite being reasonably successful in Europe and saving their owners much money in fuel costs, many people are put off by the fact that they don’t necessarily look like a normal car.

But now that many car manufacturers are offering environmentally friendly versions of their petrol and diesel cars, more and more people are going green. Here’s why.

1) They save you money in fuel

With fuel costs sky-rocketing in the last few years, saving on fuel costs is at the forefront of most people’s minds.

One way to reduce your fuel consumption is to opt for a smaller engine that uses a turbo boost or turbocharger. Turbocharged engines have a device that forces more air into the engine – and the more air it receives, the more powerful it will be.

Ford EcoBoost engines use this technology, which helps improve your fuel economy without sacrificing any engine power. Ford offers an EcoBoost version of most of its vehicles, which is a great way to save on costs without settling for a less powerful car.

2) They reduce your CO2 emissions (also saving you money)

It goes without saying that eco-friendly vehicles reduce your carbon footprint – but did you know they can also benefit your wallet?

Car road tax rates vary according to engine size, emissions and fuel type and how environmentally-friendly your vehicle is will be reflected in the amount you pay.

So if you drive a car with a small engine, a hybrid or an electric car, you could end up being completely exempt from road tax. The best way to check how much you owe is to consult the government’s vehicle tax rate tables online.

3) They look just like normal cars

Smart cars have never been that popular because many people don’t like how they look. But the beauty of green cars today is that they don’t have to look like a green car.

They actually look just like normal cars; from the outside there’s no way of telling which one uses more fuel or has a more environmentally friendly engine.

Many car manufacturers like Toyota and Honda offer hybrid versions of their normal diesel or petrol cars. So on the outside the vehicle looks exactly the same, but on the inside the engine will be conserving fuel and releasing less harmful emissions into the environment.

So now you know why everyone else is buying green cars, the question is will you be buying one? Let us know what you think of them below!

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