3 reasons to get a personalised number plate

personalised number plate

Personalised number plates are an instantly recognisable addition to any vehicle. Though they tend to be most commonly spotted on the cars and bikes of celebrities, the sheer range of license plates available make them accessible for everyone.

Here are three reasons to get a personalised number plate.

Treat yourself to custom license plates

If you’ve just celebrated a birthday, promotion or have recently come into some money, why not treat yourself to custom plates for your favourite mode of transport? In our daily lives we spend a huge amount of time in our cars, and many of us take pride in our motors.

Whether you want a “name number plate” with your initials or year of birth, or prefer a more subtle make/model plate, perhaps even a dateless plate, there are options to suit every driver’s style.

Businesses use custom plates for branding

License plate dealer Click4Reg say that many companies, big and small, use customised plates as branding for their businesses: from the local sandwich delivery company using “BUN5 N01” on its delivery van to a BMW dealership using BMW on all company cars.

This little addition is both whimsical and useful. The added branding of custom plates gives your company recognition on the road while also providing a possible investment opportunity.

Personalised plates are an investment

The cost of purchasing a particular number plate varies widely. Whether it cost hundreds or hundreds of thousands all depends on desirability. However this is prone to fluctuation. While “A1” will always be a popular choice, “1D” managed to further increase it value with when the band One Direction became popular.

Even lower cost plates have an inherent value that isn’t tied to its condition or use. Not only will you be able to drive with your own unique number plate but you will also be retaining a useful investment for the future.

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