Dash Cam Smarts: How A Dash Cam Could Get you Out of a Tight Spot


Dash cams along with other video related and sensor-based equipment are becoming must haves for any new car. In fact most vehicles are coming equipped with this very technology, many times being required by the government to do so. We’re living in an age where an accident or kind of road problem can be solved by the assistance of video, taking out any hearsay. read more »


Top Tips for Caring for Your Classic Car / Classic Car Maintenance


Whether it’s driven by the nostalgia of their past or the desire to drive a car that stands out from all the modern cars on the roads these days, people opt for classic and vintage cars for many reasons. Like antiques and fine pieces of art, there are things you must do to preserve the beauty of your classic car and keep it running smoothly. So… here are our top tips for caring for your classic car and ensuring it remains in good health all year round. read more »

Sports Cars

Concept Cars: Crazy Designs


Automobiles are among the human creations that have gone through a plethora of design changes over the decades. For example, solar-powered vehicles and hybrids sounded like science fiction when Model T was initially manufactured. Engineers have played a great role in turning such apparent fiction into reality. read more »